Within the project, Stockholm will be involved in the following:

•    The culture administration will be sending three staff members to each one of the partner cities (a total of 15 participants divided in five different groups).
•    Preparation meeting where the participants do research about each city and culture institutions that they are going to visit.
•    A project team (of project manager, cultural strategist, festival director and communicator) will provide the participants with relevant information, a package of inquiries, and information material to provide to the hosting organizations for sharing and exchanging of ideas and best practices.
•    Evaluation survey form and follow up.

The Stockholm culture administration works on behalf of the Cultural committee and includes the City Library with about 40 neighborhood libraries, the Stockholm School of Arts, Liljevalchs art gallery, the Stockholm City Museum and Museum of Medieval Stockholm. The Culture administration’s events department arranges the city’s two major festivals in August: Stockholm Culture Festival and the youth-oriented We Are Stockholm, Culture Night in April, and civic ceremony on National Day.

Here is a short film about the Stockholm School of Arts.


And here is a short film about the City Library.


Here is a short film about the Stockholm Culture Festival and the youth festival “We Are Sthlm”.


Here is a film about the city’s efforts to create a better environment for both citizens, organizations, businesses and NGOs in areas of the city which formerly faced socio-economic challenges.