Day 1

Animation Centre of the Saint Pierre neighbourhood
Animation centres in general participate – through the support of the municipality – in the stimulation of the social cultural life in different neighbourhoods of the city.  The animation centre of Saint Pierre primarily welcomes children but also young people from age 13 to 25 and guides them through their education or proposes organized activities in their community. They also receive isolated youth or excluded residents and their families by strengthening ties between the people thanks to collective projects. The organisation is located in the hyper-centre of Bordeaux. They take an active part in the town’s associations’ network, reinforce social diversity and promote intergenerational and intercultural mixes. Its small library called « le court brouillon » is a multimedia cultural space which promotes values of tolerance, openness towards others and the world.

NRprod «Clap Coffee»
The NRprod association was created by Daouda Diakhate , who’s wish was to give anyone the opportunity to express themselves and turn into picture different point of views, feelings and world perspectives through a cinematographic and journalistic approach. The « clap coffee » is an associative coffee room which’s aim is to initiate young people to the film industry. For the past three years, NRprod animates workshops for youngsters from socio-economic disadvantaged areas to discover audio-visual and film editing technics.


Social Centre ALIFS – Association du Lien Interculturel Familial et Social
Key factor of recognition, tolerance and openness towards other cultures, ALIFS actions support socialisation, participation and implication in suburban council estates. The organisation aims to support integration policies by changing behaviors, perspectives and false representations of the society in which foreigners migrated to. They also help migrants and their children build positive and  plural identities. ALIFS welcomes the public through duty periods within the association but also in numerous partner offices. Their main intervention fields are: foreigners rights, family law, labour law and access to basic social rights.

Day 2

Jean Pierre Brossard at Darwin
For the past 15 years, Jean Pierre Brossard has been working  on setting up projets involving European funds and developing transnational cooperation projects on several themes (culture,  social work, social and solidarity economy, professional  training). Now he runs his own consulting activity aimed  to support organisations obtain european subventions and federate partners in order to collaborate. He is also a true expert when it comes to Erasmus +, INTERREG, Creative Europe, FSE and FEDER programmes. Since 2013, his office is located in a coworking space called Darwin, in which innovation flourishes.
O2 Radio
O2 Radio’s goal is to let everybody speak his mind with an openminded perspective on the world, whilst respecting the plurality of views, cultural diversity, independence and secularism. O2 radio contributes efficiently to various events (whether they are associative or institutional) dealing with sports, culture, educational and preventive actions throughout it’s broadcasting and intervention territory. It provides further information and makes it possible for people, young and old, to initiate themselves and to gain skills in the  field of communication. This community radio’s purpose is to be an expression tool for youth, associations, and sensitive areas of the right bank of Bordeaux. It received an accreditation for « Youth and Community Education », especially for its workshops intended to young people.

Le Rocher Palmer

The Rocher de Palmer has opened 6700 m2 of stages and studios for musics and cultures of the world and has therefore become a key part of cultural life in Bordeaux. The organisation develops a programme focused on jazz and musics of the world and sometimes hip hop, electro, rock, folk and danse representations. The team aims to come up with artistic technics increase their efforts to make these musics available to the general public. Besides its role as a documentation centre, the Rocher de Palmer conducts awareness actions, training courses and offers residencies for artists.


Day 3

Cap Sciences
For 20 years, Cap Sciences has been producing and presenting educational and cultural programmes to develop knowledge and awareness of science and technology. As a centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture approved by the Ministry of Education and Research, Cap Sciences has always acted as a link between the world of research and the public by allowing the latter to discover and understand the themes, issues and the nature of scientific, technical and technological applications. On a daily basis, Cap Sciences connects not only with the general public including a vast number of school students, but also with a wide range of professionals from companies, industries, research centres, institutions and associations, from the scientific but also the cultural, political and business world. Since 2012, Cap Sciences has been managing the INMEDIATS project, winner of a national call for proposals. This unique project brings together six of the major French science centres to make science and technology more accessible to all and in particular to 15 to 25 year olds. In order to do so, it experiments and develops new tools for science communication using the potential of digital technologies (personalised content, multimedia platforms, serious games, living labs, fablabs, social media…)

ARPEJE  Accompagnement et Recherche Psycho socio Educatif pour les Jeunes
The ARPEJE association – counseling and socio-educational research for young people – welcomes youngsters under the age of 25, living in collective or social accommodations. Without adequate resources and vulnerable, they are guided by a multi-skilled team of 45 staff members, including specialized educators, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists… Within the framework of this support, are often provided activities and workshops intended to facilitate the integration of young people. One of their projects, for instance, consists in bringing together a group of excluded young people and people from local associations to renovate and build wooden schooners (sailboats) in the Bassin à flot district.

Collectif Bordonor
The Collectif Bordonor is an associative structure composed of « la boîte à jouer » – the playing box –  and the social centre of North Bordeaux and its aim is to facilitate access to culture and cultural practices especially for the population of the neighborhoods in the north side of city. The Collectif gives access to venues  for representations and shows through its reduced fare ticket office and promotes mediation and dialogue activities. It also organises cultural daycare centres and supports projects based on theater, reading and plastic arts… Its actions are primordial in these changing urban districts. The organization holds an information, reflexion and action space that strives for a lively and open culture and develops a network of initiatives.