Bordeaux 16-18 February 2016


On February 4th Christer, Anna and Tal, who will go to Bordeaux for job shadowing had their departure meeting. They presented what they are going to take part of for the other participants. After the presentation the whole group collaborated together in a workshop where they collected inquires for Christer, Tal and Anna to bring to Bordeuax.



Tal Lewinsky

My name is Tal Lewinsky and I’m originally from Gothenburg. I work as a youth librarian in the outskirts of Stockholm in a district called Tensta. Tensta is a multilingual district where a large population has a background in Somalia and Arab countries. The most common languages are Somali and Arabic with an influx of Persian from Afghani refugees.

Tensta is an area with has a large population of youth that heavy populates the library which makes the library a social center in Tensta. I worked for a few years in Tensta, and it’s an active, vibrant neighborhood which makes it a lot of fun working here. Before, I worked in different cities in Sweden but I also had the chance during my years of study to study abroad in Iceland and see other places of library areas. I also had the chance to travel to Australia last spring thanks to a scholarship which was given by Stockholm’s Public Library. I went around the Melbourne area, visiting several libraries and getting insights of the youth activities that were going around in the city.

I’m interested at how the city of Bordeaux works to involve the youth of the city in cultural activities. I think it’s an important issue, generally for a community but specifically for a library. How do you work to open up your library and the cultural sector for the youth?


Anna Seidevall-Byström

I work at the Stockholm City Museum as curator/educator/producer, within the Department of Education. For more information about the museum and our locations go to

We preserve the city’s cultural heritage, bring it to life and convey it to Stockholm residents, visitors and future generations. We display exhibitions about the current and historical Stockholm and Stockholmers. Our focus is Stockholm’s past and present. In my job, I have the privilege of working on several projects which are aimed at broadening the museum’s target audience. One special example is Unesco World Heritage Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm where we offer programmes for pupils in preschool, primary, and upper-secondary school as well as new Swedes.

As several different religions are represented at Skogskyrkogården, we talk about burials and funeral rites from a historical, religious and contemporary perspective. Many schools therefore use the visit to Skogskyrkogården as a starting point for questions and discussions regarding ethics, death and various funeral rites. Visit for more information!


Christer Nygren

My name is Christer Nygren and I have worked for the city of Stockholm for more than 30 years, holding various positions, ranging from drama teacher and director to section manager. My role now is project manager in the School of Arts/Culture Administration with a focus on the development of culture in the suburbs in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

In Tensta, a so-called “growth place “, I have been working for the last four years. The main purpose of the project in Tensta has been for the School of the Arts/Culture Administration in collaboration with the district administration Spånga Tensta and the city of Stockholm to offer children and adolescents broader and richer cultural activities in collaboration with local associations or NGOs, other cultural scenes in Stockholm, Universities etc.