Amaroussion 24-26 May 2016


Anna Östlund

Coordinator at Farsta, Stockholm School of Art.
I am working with producing programs, building network at the House of Culture in Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm.
The House of Culture, called Fanfaren is a library, a café and a theatre.
In the café we have a smaller stage where visitors can take part of different programs every week. The program consists of smaller concerts, authors presenting their books, informal meetings and a lot of happenings.

In the library we have a lot of programs for small children and their parents, Language Café for refugees with or without children, Reading Clubs, therefore we regularly invite schools and NGO groups to storytelling circles etc.

My mission is to increase the availability of our premises and make people work together; therefore, I always try to organize meetings with the residents of Farsta community. I invite people to discuss their needs and expectations of what shall happen in the House of Culture, and invite them to organize festivals, happenings together with other organizations and NGOs in Farsta and the surrounding areas.

I always try to keep myself updated about the associations and persons who are working and living in Farsta.

I am looking forward to meeting the cultural life in Amaroussion.
I am sure it will be interesting to see different types of activities and learn more about other ways of solving problems and meet challenges.
I hope to learn many more things of your culture and hopefully we will learn from each other.

Sagal Farah

My name is Sagal and I’m a Somali-born poet and librarian from Stockholm. My academic background is in fine art, cultural anthropology and literary composition.

I work in a rather unconventional library in Bredäng, one of Stockholms most culturally diverse boroughs. It suits me perfectly because I took a rather unconventional path to working in this field and participating in this project, and the one word that I’ve used the most to sum up my background
is diverse. I’m lucky enough to be a part of a team where we speak ten languages between us and where my own skills
are teamed with my colleagues who have training in everything from community theatre and festival coordination, to language teaching and youth work. Our daily interactions with our visitors constantly reassure me in my belief

These unique circumstances require unique sets of skills when it comes to public service. Every bit of our academic and work experience has turned out to be useful in various aspects of our work and our understanding of how libraries work comes more from being in a library than it does from courses in library studies – and luckily that fact only seems curious to conventionally trained librarians.

We are in a particular moment of time where projects like this, projects that fuel cultural bloom and the transferral of skills across borders, feel more meaningful than ever. I’m looking forward to learning how my fellow culture workers in Amaroussion engage with their ever changing community, particularly when it comes to cultural production because my love for poetry comes with a love for storytelling and my hope is that our growth areas will own their own accounts when
the narrative of our time is written in the years to come.

Torvald Olsson-Sundelin

I am a Producer of programs and events at the Stockholm City Museum, The Stockholm Medieval Museum and Stockholm Culture Festival.
I have worked with youth, culture and strategic issues related to these topics and suburban problems for many years in Stockholm.

Johanna Tibblin

I work as project manager and program planner for the family area at the Stockholm Culture festival.
The festival will take place in the middle of Stockholm for the 11th year this summer between the 16th and 21st of August. Last year we had approximately 850000 visits together with our youth festival We Are Stockholm, which takes place at the same time.

The family area has a central position in the festival on the beautiful bridge Norrbro between the Stockholm Palace and the Royal Opera House. The program is aimed at families with children between 0-13 years old but everyone is of course welcome. During these days the visitors can experience a lot of different things like dancing, fishing, and painting but also enjoy different kinds of performances.

Other than that I’m 46 years old and I have three sons between 6-15 years old. I have a background as a musical artist and I’ve been a member of the Romeo and Julia Choir at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm for 17 years.