Birmingham 20 October 2015


Johan Stigholt

I am a photographer and ethnologist working at the Stockholm City Museum, with documentations of both people and buildings in the Stockholm area.

Currently I am working in a project with unaccompanied children teaching them photography and collecting their stories of being an unaccompanied child in Sweden today.


Johanna Karlsson

In my current role as facilitator of cultural strategic staff my job is to coordinate the Culture Administration’s resources and work in five selected districts in the suburbs. The aim is to stimulate local cultural development and keywords are cooperation between the municipality, civil society and cultural entrepreneurs.

I have previously worked at the Stockholm City Museum, where I started as an archaeologist, and when I finished, I worked with the development of digital tools and accessibility of cultural heritage online. In Stockholm we have a web service called “Stockholmskällan” which was the result of my and others’ work.

My work with developing local cultural scene includes responsibility for financial grants to the city’s halls.
I am a happy 50-year-old, with three teenage daughters, who love football.


Bengt Staf

I am a member of the staff of the Stockholm School of Arts. My professional background is as a music teacher and managing director within several music and art schools in the Stockholm region.

From 2006 to 2013 I worked as the head of one of the Stockholm School of Arts units. Since 2013 my main focus is strategical planning and managing development projects within the school. In this role I am involved in different projects where the main aim is to develop activities and offers that can attract young people in the socially disadvantaged areas of Stockholm.

I am also a member of the SSA’s EU working group and I have participated in several EU projects.


Download the presentation from the trip here.