Connecting Communities model

Birmingham City Council, Culture Commissioning Service, UK

Description of the method:

  • Locate Energy for Change
  • Finding key residents.
  • Locating stakeholders from key agencies.
  • Create Vision.
  • Change is seen like a possibility and people know what it looks like.
  • Listen to Community.
  • Event based on the Appreciative Enquiry Principle
  • Formalise Partnership
  • Residents and agency staff self-select to be on partnerships.
  • A chair, deputy chair, treasurer and secretary are elected, and they are always residents.
  • Sustain Momentum
  • Monthly partnerships meetings to provide feedback to residents.
  • Celebrating visible wins.
  • Take Action
  • The actions that will underline the partnerships´s effectiveness in the long-term begin to take form.
  • Renew and Adapt
  • The partnership will need to adapt and renew itself to new circumstances. 

    Where, when and how is the method useful?
    The method can be useful for:

  • Supporting  local sustainable cultural development.
  • Creating social mobilization.
  • Creating dialogue with new target groups to change the range of activities. 

    Own reflections – advices
    We see this as a useful method for the culture area. The good thing is the seven distinct steps. We also believe it can be an advantage in many situations to begin with the common vision and the ideas one wants to implement and then talk about financing. The method emphasizes that the ownership and responsibility for a project should be at the local operators and inhabitants in the area.

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