Please briefly present the partner organisation.
The Culture Institute was created by Barcelona City Council in 1996 to position Barcelona’s culture as one of the primary assets for the development and projections of the city, through the management of municipal cultural facilities and services, and to promote and facilitate the emergence and consolidation of numerous private initiative cultural platforms and projects throughout the city.

The aims of the Culture Institute of Barcelona are:

  • To create, manage and mantain the city’s artistic, scientific, technological, natural and documentary heritage.
  • To use the assets and activities of the Institute commercially.
  • To disseminate culture to the districts and neighbourhoods of Barcelona.
  • To foster the activities of non-profit cultural sectors.
  • To encourage the presence of cultural industries and facilities the city.
  • To promote cultural and leisure activities held throughout the city.
  • To participate in fostering the large cultural infrastructures owned of the State, the Catalan Government or both in the municipality.
  • To support public and civic initiative.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?
The Culture Institute of Barcelona is coordinating a network of 50 cultural centres, owned by the City Administration.

This network of cultural centres has been working in every district of Barcelona to promote cultural participation, providing spaces, resources and artistic workshops to everyone.

A new plan for the renewal of these cultural centres is being developed to transform the action plan of theses cultural centres. A focus on creativity, promotion of talent, and knowledge dissemination should be endorsed in the following years.

Furthermore, the Culture Institute of Barcelona is the funding administration for a large network of culutral entities and charities existing in Barcelona. The cultural development of the city is based on this dynamic network of cultural participation, promoting cultural diversity and popular and traditional culture.

Please give information on the key staff/persons involved in this application and on the competences and previous experience that they will bring to the project.
Sergi Díaz, senior advisor, is currently coordinating the District Cultural Centres Networks. With a large experience on cultural mangement, he is currently leading the new Action Plan for District Cultrual Centres.

Esteve Caramés, senior advisor, is International Relations coordinator at the Culture Institute of Barcelona. With a large experience on cultural management and international cultural cooperation, he is an active member of several European cultural networks.



Legal Representative
Mrs Marta Clari
Culture Institute of Barcelona
Manager Director
Telephone: +34 316 10 11

Contact Person
Mr Esteve Caramés
Culture Institute Barcelona
International Relations
Telephone: +34 93 402 7453